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Vertafort organic plant fertilizer

Vertafort is an organic fertilizer line that is extremely user-friendly. Mix Vertafort Pellets with your soil and the only thing you need to do after that is give your plants water. Vertafort Pellets will remain active for 10-12 weeks, due to the 'slow release effect'. This means that the nutrients will be released slowly and evenly, ensuring that your plants will receive plenty of nutrient during the whole life cycle. It also takes away the risk of overfeeding your plants. For anybody who wants to do something extra for the plant, Vertafort also devoloped Vertafort Tabs. These tablets with extra nutrient are just as easy to use as Vertafort Pellets. Simply dissolve a tablet in water and give this mix to your plants. Vertafort Tabs give your plants an extra boost during veg or bloom. Vertafort Tabs are developed to work perfectly in conjunction with Vertafort Pellets. Together they supply your plants with a perfectly balanced, powerful fertilizer. Because of the user friendlyness and the low risk of nutrient errors, Vertafort is also perfect for the starting grower. You can find more specific product information in the products below.

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