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About Us


In this online shop you will only find the best grow products. We are not a Growshop, definitely not. We just watch trends and select the winners. Our products are mostly products you won’t find in the average Growshop. Because, when a product or a brand is well known and available everywhere, we have done our jobs well and will focus on new products. So in this shop you will find products that are relatively unknown, and of which we think that everybody should at least try them.


With an experienced team of branch experts, we are constantly searching for new products or brands. We are travelling around the world to visit all major shows and fairs, searching for new trends. Products we (and you) can’t ignore, you will find in this shop. Our products are mostly winners of important branch related awards, but sometimes we will add products that haven’t (yet) got the recognition that they most definitely deserve in our opinion..


All of our products will be delivered directly from stock. Ordering, paying and shipping will proceed with the highest level of discreteness. We never share data with third parties and we always ship our deliveries in neutral packages. As soon as the order is paid, it will be shipped the next working day. Would you rather like to pick up your products yourself and pay for them in cash? No problem. Just send us an e-mail and we will tell you were the nearest pick-up point is located.