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Filter elements Super Grow

Award winning product

Growtechnology USA design

Interchangeable filter elements
The water filters from the Growmax Water Systems contain two interchangeable filter elements. The first is the so-called sediment filter. This is placed before the carbon filter and it has to remove relatively coarse contaminants from the water, before it reaches the carbon filter. The second is the carbon filter. This is placed before the membrane and it is meant to get the invisible contaminants from the water. Carbon in compressed form contains a great many pores. When the water flows through it, even the smallest contaminants will stay behind in the carbon. Eventually the filters will become saturated by the contaminants and they will stop working. So it’s important to regularly change both the sediment filter and the carbon filter (and at the same time).

The sediment filter removes: sand, silt (loam), dust and rust up to 5 micron.

The carbon filter removes: chloride, insecticides, pesticides, benzene, toluene, particles of oil, cleaning agents and PCBs up to 99%.

The filter elements have to be replaced:
-        Super Grow 800 L/H: after 28.500 liter

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