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Gorilla grow tents

Gorilla grow tents are known as the best grow tents in the world. The tents in the Gorilla original series are taller, thicker, higher and safer than any other grow tent. Gorilla grow tents come with a 30 cm. extension set, which allows you to raise your grow tent with 30 cm. This way your tent will grow together with your plant. Recently, two other series were added to the Gorilla family: The Lite Line series and the Short series. The Lite Line series is ideal for anybody who wants a Gorilla experience but has a tighter budget, the Shorty series contains grow tents that are slightly lower than the standard, for those who have limited hight in their grow room. Below you will find all Gorilla products, from all three series. In de dark coloured bar directly below this text, you can choose to view each series separately.

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